Chateau Senior Life is inspired by an ideal that is equally eastern as it is western in nature - to treat other’s parents and loved ones as our own.

The Chateau Life

We welcome you to what we like to call the Chateau Life. This life is about a community of like-minded people who would rather do than simply be. People just like you that are tired of being burdened by where and how they live. We too have parents. We see how they struggle day to day to do simple things. We see how they become more isolated in their old neighborhoods that have turned over around them.

We set out to create a community for our most cherished of assets, our parents and ourselves. We experience the Chateau Life every day to feel what our residents feel. We are constantly making adjustments, improvements and adding services based on that shared experience. Life does not stand still. Not only are we interested in making this the best experience and community we can for our residents, but also for their families, friends and loved ones. The Chateau Life is founded upon the simplest of principles — to treat your family as our own and to treat others such as staff and constituents as we would want to be treated ourselves. After all, life is too short to do anything else.

Chateau Senior Life
100 Isla Way,
Brockport, New York 14420